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Presidents meet for rare face-to-face sit down. 07, 2009 · 07/07/2009 04:42 AM EDT Ano er Obama aide acknowledged ere were extensive discussions between Obama and Putin about trouble spots in . 17,  · Images have emerged of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin chatting at e G20 summit in Turkey and one bystander was less an subtle in his quest to . After a morning meeting, Russian President Putin and President Obama share a lh at e G-20 opening session. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube ch. Putin will use his meeting wi Obama and his speech at e UN General Assembly to re-shape e international community's approach to e crisis in Syria and to show he is not an international. 30,  · If I called Barack Hussein Obama e weakest president in American history, a majority of you would agree wi me. In fact, Vladimir Putin also agrees wi at assertion. It has been revealed by former Secret Service agents at since 2008, Obama has met wi Putin alone zero times. Just to repeat at: Obama is so. 07, 2009 · President Barack Obama, meeting Tuesday wi Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for e first time, called eir talks an excellent opportunity to put U.S.-Russian relations on a strong footing.. 17,  · Video Gallery Watch behind- e-scenes videos and more. Re ks by President Obama and President Putin of Russia After Bilateral Meeting. Lough Erne Resort Lough Erne, Nor ern Ireland. And so we have instructed our teams to continue to work on e potential of a Geneva follow-up to e first meeting. And finally, we had a discussion. 15,  · G20 summit focus shifts to ISIS 01:25. ANTALYA, Turkey - President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have held an informal meeting on . 04,  · Obama’s protocol chief Capricia Penavic shall details e tense moment Clinton and Putin met for e first time after she criticized his country’s election process as being unfair. . 29,  · — President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin met today for eir first formal meeting in two years amid new tensions in recent . 16,  · Former US President Barack Obama and Mr Putin did meet, but relations were strained roughout his tenure. e leaders first met in Moscow early in Obama’s first term in 2009. 15,  · Obama again met wi Putin at e G20 summit for 90 minutes in China in . According to USA Today, e two leaders discussed e . 05,  · President Barack Obama wrapped up his final G20 meetings Monday confronting two of his prickly global counterparts, saying his meeting wi Russian President Vladimir Putin was . 28,  · Obama listens to Putin after eir bilateral meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico on e 18, on e sidelines of e G-20 summit. e meeting was e first time Obama and Putin held face-to . 28,  · President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet face-to-face Monday for e first time in ten mon s amid increasing Russian influence in . e Kremlin has said e meeting will take place Monday, but Earnest did not confirm e date. Obama and Putin have not met in person for close to a year, as e U.S. has sought to isolate Russia. 13,  · In , President Obama was overheard over a hot microphone telling President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia he would have more flexibility to negotiate wi Putin after e . Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama speak during a luncheon at e United Nations on 28. Obama has been criticized by his GOP opponents for meeting . On Friday in Hamburg, Donald Trump will become e four U.S. president to meet wi Vladimir Putin since he assumed power in 2000. e most pressing issues on e table include Russian interference in e U.S. election, Putin's support for e Syrian regime . 07,  · Obama cancels meeting wi Putin over Snowden asylum tensions is article is more an 7 years old Relationship between e two nations chills fur er as . 25,  · e last time Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin had a formal, scheduled meeting was in e in Nor ern Ireland on e sidelines of a meeting of e Group of 8 powers. Mr. Obama . Obama to face off against Putin. e U.S. president will end a year of silence and meet wi e Russian leader next week amid tensions over Syria and Ukraine. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin took sides on e topics of cyber-crime and Syria during an intense, 90-minute-long 'pull-aside' meeting at e G20 summit in China Monday. 05,  · PRESIDENT Obama shared a tense exchange wi Russian premier Vladimir Putin at e G20 summit in China is morning as e two failed to agree over a ceasefire in Syria. 18,  · PRESIDENT PUTIN: (As interpreted.) Mr. President, is has been our second meeting. I remember our leng y meeting we had in Moscow. Today we had a very meaningful and subject-oriented discussion. We've been able to discuss issues pertaining to . 25,  · Moscow claimed Friday at e White House presented a false account of how next week’s meeting between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin was arranged. 07,  · Obama had planned to visit Moscow for a symbolic one-on-one Kremlin meeting wi Putin in advance of next mon ’s Group of 20 economic summit in St. Petersburg. 07,  · FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting via video conference call in Sochi, Russia, 28, . A collection of moments during and after Barack Obama. 07,  · Obama is still set to attend e G20 summit of world leaders in St. Petersburg, Russia, on t. 5 and 6 — which Putin will host. e meeting at's being canceled was to have been between Obama. 07,  · President Obama has canceled a planned summit meeting wi Russian President Vladimir Putin, in part due to e fact at Russia has granted asylum to NSA leader Edd Snowden: WASHINGTON - Preside. 28,  · e Obama-Putin meeting comes as Moscow builds up its military presence in Syria, for reasons at U.S. officials have said remain unclear. e Associated Press contributed to is report. Today's meeting was e first time Obama and Putin had ever met. Upon arrival, Putin met Obama outside for a quick handshake, before ey headed upstairs to an ornate living room, where ey. 07,  · Obama cancels Moscow meeting wi Putin US president will attend G20 summit in Russia, but scraps one-on-one meeting because of Edd Snowden’s asylum offer. 7 . 15,  · Obama and Putin's power huddle: e two most powerful men in e world hold 30-minute meeting hunched over a coffee table at G20 after . 28,  · Obama, Putin Meet in New York A one-on-one meeting between e U.S. and Russian presidents followed a day of harsh rhetoric at e United Nations. 05,  · Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin held what e US president described as a candid, blunt and businesslike meeting on e sidelines of e G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, on Monday. 05,  · is is our airport! China denied is was a deliberate effort to make Obama look bad, and Obama is pretending to believe em, which is all part of China’s strategy to make him look small and weak. After meeting wi Putin, Obama described eir 90-minute talk as candid, blunt, and productive to CNN. He said Syria. One, at e G20 meeting in China. When US and Russian presidents meet - a timeline of relations He met wi Dmitri Medvedev in 2009. 07, 2009 · U.S. President Barack Obama praised Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's achievements Tuesday, attempting to mend fences wi Russia's powerful politician after . 24,  · In Moscow, meanwhile, e presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said e main topic of e meeting would in fact be Syria and at Obama and Putin would discuss Ukraine only if . 13,  · What to Expect at Putin-Obama Meeting. Syria, arms control, and economic ties are likely to be e focus of e Putin-Obama meeting in Nor ern Ireland, where . 18,  · is image does not provide much insight into Obama and Putin’s relationship, however, because it has been digitally manipulated. e image of Putin pulling Obama’s tie has been circulating. 07,  · But most users are posting e Obama-Putin stare-down photo, and ey're admittedly lightyears different. In e photo of Trump meeting Putin for . 14,  · Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s interests did not just align during America’s presidential election, but continue to align in eir attempt to get Americans to forget about election. 07,  · In our news wrap Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Syria to meet wi its president, Bashar al-Assad, in Damascus. Syrian state .

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